At Damen, it's all about ships - it's what we do, it's who we are. We design them, we build them, we service them. We like them!

Damen Shipyards Group operates 32 shipyards, repair yards and related companies worldwide and employs 9,000 people in 34 countries. Damen has delivered over 5,000 vessels since 1969 and delivers some 160 vessels annually to worldwide customers. Based on its unique, standardised ship-design concept and short delivery times, Damen is able to guarantee consistent quality.

We offer interns and graduates unlimited opportunities to develop an exciting career. Throughout the year we have interesting assignments, internships and graduation projects at our shipyards around the world.

Do you want to get to know Damen better and boost your own professional development even before you start your career? Attend the Damen Business Experience, click here to find out more.

From the first day you join our company, you’ll be given the freedom and responsibility to chart your future course. Whatever your talents are, we’ll encourage you to develop them to the full.

Dare to Discover the best years of your life at Damen Career.

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